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Motorways in France and Spain

Servicio ViaaxxèsIn collaboration with the company AXXÉs, the VIAXXÈS service will be available. This service is valid for payment of all motorway tools in France and Spain.

This way, you may benefit from significant discounts on all consumption in France and will also obtain an invoice that is fully valid for VAT recovery.

Axxès, the leader in electronic toll collection, supports you and simplifies the management of your HGV ecotax with its new Viaxxès SAT unit.

  • Interoperable toll services for France, Spain and Belgium.
  • Toll management tool (alerts, reports etc.)
  • Geolocation service and fleet management application
       (Viaxxès SAT Manager).

You can download subscription documents of "Via Axxès" and "Via Sat" from here:

Via Axxés      Subscription Example
Via Sat          Subscription Example

More information: