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Arraia-Oil, S.L. is a company that was created in order to provide transport companies with the best service possible. To do so, a service card - the ADS card - was created making it possible to refuel at any of the service stations on our network without needing to travel with cash.

Despite the fact that we are a young company, we have proven over the years that we are always studying our customers' needs in order to offer them all the services their business requires; and for this reason, over time we have expanded our products. In the beginning, we started off selling diesel fuel and today, we can present you with a wide range of international transport-related products: AdBlue supply, professional diesel recovery, IVMDH (tax on retail sale of some hydrocarbons) recovery, VAT recovery, appealing traffic fines, motorways in France and Spain, the roadway assistance card "Bidean Card". Contracting all of these services makes it easier for hauliers to manage their company; and of course, saves a significant amount on costs.

Over time, we have also gone about expanding our service station network and improving the facilities. Thus, several of our petrol stations feature a restaurant, showers, laundry service, a gourmet shop...Just as we have improved and expanded our facilities; we have also improved our system so that operations are more flexible, modern and efficient.

As already mentioned, our philosophy and attitude are to continue working and studying the needs our customers may have so as to increase the range and improve the conditions of our services. So, we will work on studying the locations of our service stations and will expand the network to provide a more complete service.